Escape to Wisconsin

by forumholitorium

If only the sun were shining and I had a view of the water today! I have been back from vacation nearly two weeks now, dwelling under a blanket of grey. Fall is slipping into winter, and though I am happy enough to enter into hibernation mode, looking at these pictures, taken just a few weeks ago in Wisconsin, makes me mourn the passing not just of my vacation but also of my favorite time of the year.

Though the purpose of this trip was to visit and not to sightsee, I did spend a little time pretending I was a tourist and not a native-born daughter, including the beautiful October day when I followed part of an old Native American trail around Geneva Lake.

A visit to the U.S. at the end of October is not complete without carefully examining all the Halloween decorations, the crown jewels of which are carved pumpkins. On backup vocals are gourds, Indian corn, and black cats.

Now that the waters of Lake Michigan have calmed down from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the fate of the White House Kitchen Garden has been decided, I can settle in comfortably for the winter, working my way peacefully through my stack of books and yarn stash and spinning tales of medlar, escarole, radicchio, and other tasty seasonal treats.