May Flowers

Sleepy rock rose

A surprise was waiting for me this morning when I went outside to greet the plants and sunshine on my balcony. A sleepy rock rose had catapulted herself into the light, leaving bud-dom behind and taking her place among the flowers. Good morning! Welcome! The pollen-dusted leaves had started emitting an aroma that I’m still undecided about, a little too peppy floral for my taste, but that vibrant pink has won me over. There are more buds waiting in the wings.

strawberry chives

There’s quite a lot happening on the balcony – as in my life, which is why there has been over a month of silence. The chives are also in bloom, their subtle lithe lilac blossoms offering a contrast to the explosion of color above. It’s going to be a good year for strawberries – lots are forming, and there are even some Rügen that are starting to go red.

Reddening Rügen

In the next week I anticipate I’ll discover what color sage flowers are: despite the cramped quarters, my toddler sage is reaching up towards the sky in a manner I’ve never seen before. Does she feel growing pains?


The last flowers to share are Roman chamomile. In the planter to the left is borage with its sidekick, New Zealand spinach.


The Forum Holitorium has been silent but not inactive – more adventures and recipes are to come. I hope your gardens and flower boxes and pots of herbs are flourishing and your meals are nourishing, wherever you may be.