Winter Stillstice

by forumholitorium

It is getting colder. Frost coated the pine this morning. When TC hung up his homemade bird house this afternoon, a flock of titmice immediately descended upon the neighboring bush, each taking turns to dive in and nosh on the hemp seeds. They will be disappointed soon because we are leaving on a journey tomorrow and will not be able to fill the feeder for some time, but I’m sure they will do just fine without us.

Making sage and mugwort tea and nibbling on walnuts and cashews have been my principle activities in the kitchen in the past week. A foray into cooking with black radish has yet to yield any recipes of note. Hibernation is most delicious as the nights continue to grow longer. Soon, however, come the festivals of light and we will all inhale deeply again.


Just three beeswax candles stand within the confines of spruce and fir branches cut from felled trees lying in the neighboring woods. We will be present for the lighting of a fourth at another latitude and longitude, and then will come gatherings with family and friends to welcome the return of the light.

Enjoy the turning of the year!