The moon is waning, as is 2015. It’s time to look back at the path you followed throughout the year and take stock. Whereas 2014 was the year I paid close attention to what nourishes me, 2015 has been a year of sifting and winnowing and decluttering, a year of deciding what objects I want to have around me. Lots of clothes and books made their way out the door, ones I had worn out, ones I no longer felt I needed, in certain cases ones whose presence had become a burden or irritation. We need very little, and though we tend to surround ourselves with a plethora of objects, very few of them are regularly used. This year I tried to make more space for what is truly important, and what I found is this.

The yarn above is what I purchased this year that still hasn’t been turned into knitwear. No matter how hard I try to reduce my stash, more yarn appears to fill the space. Nature abhors a vacuum.  Over the past few months, a voice in me has become more persuasive, saying keep going in this direction, learn as much as you can about textiles, see what happens. I feel the need to try out new techniques. Looking back on my knitting goals for 2014, I have been mostly successful in producing the number of items I set out to knit, but I was not particularly adventurous in my choice of techniques. I completed six sweaters including a cardigan and a pullover, though I didn’t make a turtleneck or try steeking. I also set myself the ambitious goal of 15 pairs of socks. When I finish my Christmas knitting, I will be up to 11, which is an average of nearly one pair a month. I’m also satisfied with that, though it has in no way turned me into the sock expert I had hoped to become. I have a few favorite sock patterns that I keep repeating. The last two goals were to try brioche stitch, which I did by making a hat, and to knit something with lace weight yarn. Once the Christmas knitting is done, I plan to settle down on the couch in my new Saturn Sweater with a pair of needles and the ball of lace weight yarn below. This tiny Schokotatze (chocolate paw) colored skein has enough yards wound up in it to make a large and warm yet fine shawl or stole.

  Hope you are making space for what is important to you and enjoying the mistletoe!