Corvid Love

by forumholitorium

New year, new home base, new neighbors. I have moved to the city of rooks: Vienna. Foliage-free trees make observation of Corvus frugilegus quite easy. I dream of earning their trust and being able to approach them with gifts of walnuts and peanuts in my hand. I know someone who has made friends with a rook in the street where he lives and am envious.

Judging by the flock of fieldfares (Wacholderdrossel) spied feasting on berries yesterday, winter is on the wane. I had hoped for a real winter with lots of snow and cold and coziness inside. What I got instead was one proper Wisconsin snowstorm at the end of November and a handful of Viennese mornings waking up to a beautiful thin blanket of snow that melted by noon. Plus a week of illness that included two days of fever and languishing on the couch followed by classic cold symptoms. A daily regimen of the freshly pressed juice of two blood oranges raises my spirits.

Independant of temperature and precipitation, I have fully indulged in retreating from the world, well provisioned with books, knitting, and a blanket. Staring into the crackling flames in the pellet stove, I wonder what new experiences and discoveries spring will bring. A stole was born in record time of nightly knitting sessions by the fire. The skein was one of the oldest in my diminishing stash and appeared long, long ago on this blog.

Stay cozy and healthy until spring arrives!