Complementary Carrots

by forumholitorium

Since orange complements blue across the color wheel, it is fitting to eat orange while knitting blue. Orange was on the menu this week in the form of soup made of leftover roasted pumpkin, carrots, and red lentil pasta. Lentils gel when cooled, so each time I reheated the leftovers, I added some water to thin it to soup consistency. The pot ended up lasting the entire week and to be honest, I threw away the last spoonful because after five days, I just couldn’t stomach any more creamy orange soup.

Now that the soup pot is empty, I can start over again. The next batch will be Simple Soup – not creamy and pureed but a spartan yet substantial broth. First, heat the water. When it has come to a boil, add sliced carrots and diced potatoes. When they are done, throw in tiny pasta shells or orzo plus a teaspoon each of marjoram and thyme and boil until the pasta has cooked. Salt and pepper to taste. That’s it.

What is that on the left? A ball of charcoal merino/alpaca seems to have wormed its way into the knitting bowl of blue! Ah yes, those delicate cabled mitts I’ve been meaning to knit for the past three years are taking shape. Here’s to discovering a skein the right color and texture in the sales bin yesterday. The teal socks are stalled as I reconsider knitting spiral socks. My feet are warm in my pair, but the socks sag around the ankles, making me wonder if it is a good pattern to give as a gift after all. The indigo yarn decision has been made: a pullover is in the works. And the merino/silk cowl is a good practice of patience; you can’t beat having to frog and redo 280 stitches to correct a mistake in the lace pattern. I tried something new: I wound my first center pull yarn ball by hand. It looks goofier than the result with a ball winder, but I like it. The teal really brightens my day.

May you enjoy a nourishing bowl of soup and a dash of complementary color this week!