Forest Retreat

by forumholitorium

Time to leave it all behind: poor city air, too many people, too much concrete, frenzied drivers, the hacking coughs of strangers, the nervous laughter of teenagers, ripped up sidewalks. Time for a reprieve: fresh forest air, fiery leaves, thriving mushrooms, morning mists that dissipate into golden fall afternoons, Garrulus glandarius, a wary buzzard eating lunch. More walking and less typing. Fewer distractions and a clear focus.

Accompanied by yarn and books, I have retreated to one of my special places to reflect on turning one year older and to revive from the stresses of city life. The indigo pullover is fresh off the needles today. It fits perfectly and its sight delights my heart. An extra layer will be much appreciated when the mist rolls up from the valley, the sunlight fades, and the air cools off.

Take delight in whatever you make and do today!