The Forum Holitorium was the principal market in ancient Rome where vegetables, herbs, and oil were sold. I started this blog as a way of sharing my vegetarian culinary experiences as an American living in southeastern Austria. Over time it has morphed from a strict food blog to a mosaic atelier of unlimited scope. When I write, I attempt to put together fragments of the ideas floating around in my head into what I hope are coherent still lifes. At any given time, my thoughts are likely to revolve around travel, knitting, books, nature, water, the cycle of seasons and holidays, and colors.

Since this remains my soapbox: I am still motivated by a firm belief that we need to liberate ourselves from non-sustainable structures in order to make the world a more pleasant place for all its inhabitants. Be mindful and compassionate and please don’t take more than your fair share!

Like meditation or yoga or playing a musical instrument, writing a blog is a kind of practice. I currently try to write once a week – honestly, I do – but sometimes work and travel get in the way. My policy is to write an entry all in one sitting to foster greater spontaneity in my life.

An integral part of any forum, comments are always welcome. I reserve the right to respond in my own good time, which may move slower than yours.

This is my second foray into blogging. The blog I cut my teeth on can be read here.

Happy reading and thanks for traveling to the forum!